Engineering, Maintenance and Support

P4 – Giving peace of mind to our customers.

We offer a wide range of engineering support and maintenance on all of our products and systems. Find out details on our technical support, system training, health checks and maintenance programmes on this page.

Technical Support

Compliance and total peace of mind for our customers is at the heart of what we do at P4. We care passionately about compliance, ease of use, simplicity and, crucially, the safety of everyone involved. That’s why we guarantee that our team of expert staff will continue to support our customers in the operation of all their Fastel installations for many years after supply, as well as offering unbiased, informed advice on alterations or upgrades.

Emergency lighting protects life, so we know that selecting the right supplier and products is of paramount importance to your business. When it has to be the best, most efficient and reliable, we are on hand to help and guide you through the whole process.

We’re dedicated to working with emergency lighting, and we have unparalleled experience in the sector. We offer specialist knowledge, skill and experience to customers, enabling them to select and maintain emergency lighting systems that deliver continuing compliance with mandatory regulations and legal obligations.

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A big part of what we do is working with our customers to build lasting partnerships which span years. We offer first-rate maintenance and service packages and continue to support installations dating back to our company’s inception. Our wired or wireless system networks are acknowledged to be the most versatile and reliable on the market and always incorporate proven market-leading technology.

We work with customers in education, general healthcare, mental healthcare, transportation, sports, and leisure and retail. No matter the sector, our focus is always on delivering and supporting world class emergency lighting systems and excelling in building long term partnerships with facilities and estates management teams.

Systems Training

We offer Fastel systems training to end users, maintenance teams or contractors to enable them to install, operate and maintain their systems in line with relevant UK legal requirements, including The Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2006 (RRO) and BS5266. 

In monitored systems every emergency lighting fitting and exit sign has a unique identity and it is important that fittings are installed in planned locations to ensure compliance of the installed system. Free training can be provided to the installing contractor before work commences to explain the way in which the system operates and the requirements for a successful system installation. 

Training can also be organised post installation with the end user, maintenance team or facilities management team to demonstrate the system functionality. A toolbox talk can often be beneficial to the personnel who will be responsible for the ongoing upkeep of the emergency lighting system and overall fire safety compliance.

Health Checks

At P4, we understand that one size does not fit all. Different buildings have different uses that will change over time and will of course have varied emergency lighting needs.

In the UK, there is a legal requirement for emergency lighting installations is to be regularly inspected and maintained, and that a “named responsible person or duty holder” is able to demonstrate compliance with The Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2006 (RRO) and BS5266, amongst other laws, rules and regulations.

These responsible persons are often facilities or estate managers or building owners. Our team can work with existing and potential customers to undertake an emergency lighting health check by surveying their existing installation. We can then provide unbiased and informed advice on any layout alterations or upgrades.

There are 2 different options for these health checks:

> Initial Health Check

We recommend a system health check one year after a Fastel installation has been fully commissioned. This health check is carried out free of charge to ensure that the system is operating to the full satisfaction of the end user. A free of charge initial system health check can also be scheduled for any Fastel system older than one year.

> Annual Health Check

At P4, we also offer a detailed and thorough annual system health check. Our highly skilled experts can visit your premises to undertake a full health check of all P4 equipment and technology to ensure everything is working correctly and to carry out any required software updates or backups. This can also be used as an opportunity to discuss any ongoing training and development needs.


At P4, we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and offering the lowest through-life maintenance costs.

We employ an in-house team of fully qualified service engineers who offer their specialist knowledge, skills and experience for customers to maintain emergency lighting systems, ensuring continuing compliance with mandatory regulations and legal obligations.

We continue to invest in our maintenance team as a matter of course, and can offer optional bespoke maintenance programs which are tailored to meet individual customer requirements based on the specific Fastel technology or installation purchased.

Our “fit and forget” maintenance service ensures customers have the most robust and reliable emergency lighting system, not only installed in accordance with BS 5266, but also maintained to that standard. There is no hassle involved.

Maintenance contracts can be arranged on a monthly, quarterly or annual visit basis, depending on your requirements. These contracts are normally renewable annually, but can be set up for longer periods if required.


We Work Around You

One of the key benefits of planned maintenance is the ability to schedule work out of hours and therefore minimise disruption to your business.

Our fully automatic self-testing emergency lighting systems, based on our M-Web FWSD Central Supervision Unit, provide the flexibility to configure testing and monitoring to be as unobtrusive as possible whilst still continuously ensuring compliance with all appropriate standards and legislation.

Sensitive to the requirements of different sectors, we are proud to be working with some of the UK’s leading health establishments. Healing requires a safe and stress-free environment, free from unnecessary disruption or intervention from strangers. That’s why our innovative Fastel technology allows you to set a time when it’s convenient to automatically and individually test the emergency lighting connected to an addressable system. Coupled with remote monitoring, either directly via a computer or via a LAN to any desktop, laptop or mobile device, automatic testing facilities can be set to test during times when patients are not sleeping or receiving treatment, minimising disturbance.

In education buildings and in student accommodation blocks where, similarly, minimal disruption is required, our Fastel products allow for remote access and testing to show that all elements of an installed system are working as they should be, allowing the establishment and its students to continue uninterrupted with their work and studies.

Wayne Rodemann, Contract Manager at Platinum Facilities Services, which looks after the 370,000 square ft, 17 floor building at 200 Aldersgate Street, London said:

“There are many benefits to working with P4, not least its commitment to customer service, but for us the greatest gain is in maintenance. We need to ensure that any system requirements are addressed quickly with the minimal impact on building users and their clients. P4 enables us to do just that.”

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