Case study

Northwick Park Hospital

Northwick Park Hospital is part of the London North West Healthcare NHS Trust, which is one of the largest trusts in the country. It is one of eight London hyper acute stroke units (HASUs), based in the Borough of Harrow and is a teaching hospital for students of Imperial College School of Medicine.

The Challenge

The hospital was seeking to replace the existing outdated emergency lighting, with a requirement for a Self-Testing system that would reduce the burden on the maintenance team and minimise disruption to the patients and healthcare staff. The initial project was carried out in 2016 to show the system benefits in a small area within a hospital ward. Following the success of the first project, a schedule was put in place to install further emergency lighting during 2017/18.

What we did

  • Installed P4’s state of the art M-web+, a fully automatic, addressable self-testing lighting monitoring system, initially for a small section of the hospital.
  • Provided 160 emergency lights throughout the site over 4 Collector Boxes with future projects to follow.
  • Provided support for the Trust’s pre and post solution implementation plan and the need to continue to provide a safe and disruption free environment for all of their staff and patients.


  • To date, P4 has replaced the existing emergency lighting across a number of wards within the hospital site, substantially reducing maintenance costs thanks to the M-web+’s self-testing capability.
  • The modular nature of P4’s systems, enabling a single M-web+ ‘head end’, with associated Collector Boxes sited in each building, means that Northwick Park Hospital are able to phase the roll out of the system.
  • Unnecessary ward access has been eliminated in the areas serviced by the M-web+, as the system automatically tests and reports on correct emergency lighting operation.
  • The addressable monitoring and control solutions allow the Trust to set times when it is convenient to automatically and individually test the emergency lights connected to the system, thereby minimising disturbance during times when patients are sleeping or receiving treatment.
  • Market leading six-year warranty for LED drivers and battery life.

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