Imperial War Museum Duxford


Imperial War Museum Duxford is Britain’s largest aviation museum with over two hundred military aircraft including the Memphis Belle, B52 Bomber, and the famous Blackbird.

The Duxford site played a key role during the Battle of Britain and many hangars are still in operation today.

Key exhibitions include Land Warfare, The American Air Museum and the Airspace hangar which houses the first ever Concorde which flew between England & France.

What We Did

Numerous facilities companies have been employed over the years to maintain Duxford’s buildings. P4 have successfully built an excellent working relationship with them all.

In 2023 P4 were asked to provide a Self-Test emergency lighting solution to Hanger 3 which houses a private collection of Spitfires. An 868MHz Wireless System with conversion of Ansel 150 Watt High-Bay Fittings to incorporate emergency lighting function was chosen to minimise installation times.

Tom Chambers (P4 Manufacturing Support Engineer) colour matched remote box housings containing the emergency lighting components to customer specification enabling them to sit unobtrusively above the mounting trunking of the fittings.

The solution was very well received both from the client and main contractor and P4 are delighted to be supporting Duxford with further projects including Hangars 4 & 5 plus numerous remote buildings using FASTEL MESH & 868MHz systems.

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