Case study

200 Aldersgate Street

200 Aldersgate is a recently refurbished, 370,000 square foot building providing 17 floors of office space in the City of London. It is occupied by more than 20 businesses and includes both a gym and a café.
200 Aldersgate Street project

The Challenge

P4 has been working at this location for more than 10 years, having been originally selected by the building contractor as its’ preferred supplier. The contractor had worked with us on a previous project and had been very impressed by the ease of installation. Today, acting on behalf of building owner, BNP Paribas Bank, Platinum Facilities Services holds responsibility for the overall safety and function of the building. Emergency lighting is a vital part of this, and so the company engaged P4 to provide a standalone, robust and effective system.

What we did

  • Installed P4’s state of the art M-web+, a fully automatic, addressable self-testing lighting monitoring system.
  • Designed bespoke conversion products to deliver to building requirements.
  • Provided around 5,500 luminaires and 60 Collector Boxes across all floors, office spaces and other shared and public areas. The Collector Boxes are typically located in risers.
  • M-web+ was installed on a dedicated back-office computer, as requested by the client.


  • For added safety and security, emergency lighting is run completely separately from the building’s lighting control system.
  • While individual businesses have refitted their office spaces and installed their own lighting systems, P4 has worked with Platinum Facilities to ensure its life safety system remains fully active and integrated.
  • P4’s robust, modular system makes it easy to expand or upgrade the existing lighting network into new areas. At present, the system is running at 75% capacity, which will enable significant future expansion. Any new equipment will be ‘backward compatible’, so there will be no need to replace the existing system.
  • M-web+ automatically provides Platinum with planned preventative maintenance reports, detailing any specific battery, communications or lighting requirements.
  • Full training support for the facilities team, and quarterly contracted visits from the P4 maintenance experts.
  • Best-in class warranty reassurances, including minimum luminaire battery life of six years.
  • Client-owned software with free upgrades means no expensive licences.


Wayne Rodemann, Contract manager at Platinum Facilities Services, said:

“In a building of this size and population, robust emergency lighting is an area where there must be no compromise. While many lighting providers can also offer an emergency provision, we felt that there was no comparison to having a specialist emergency provider on board. There are many benefits to working with P4, not least its commitment to customer service, but for us the greatest gain is in maintenance. We need to ensure that any system requirements are addressed quickly with the minimal impact on building users and their clients. P4 enables us to do just that.”

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