Twin Spot Range

Product Description

Self-Testing Non Maintained, Internal, 3 Hour, Twin Spot Fitting with two 6w LEDs. Available as standard and high output options. It has all the advantages of a P4 FASTEL emergency unit. Maintenance is kept to a minimum with fully automatic self-testing and 6-year life batteries.

Product Details Value
FASTEL Stand Alone TS206SO/SW/S/M3/GR – Standard output,
TS206HO/SW/S/M3/GR – High output
FASTELink M-web TS206SO/SW/SRM/M3/GR – Standard output,
TS206HO/SW/SRM/M3/GR – High output
FASTEL SRM TS206SO/SW/SRM/M3/GR – Standard output,
TS206HO/SW/SRM/M3/GR – High output
FASTEL Wireless TS206SO/SW/FWS/M3/GR – Standard output,
TS206HO/SW/FWS/M3/GR – High output
Alternative Voltage Options TS206SO/SW/230/GR – Standard output (230V Mains or Static Inverter),
TS206HO/SW/230/GR – High output (230V Mains or Static Inverter)
Product Standard BSEN 60598-2.22
Compliance BSEN 60598-2.22
IP Rating IP54
Lamp Type/Light Source 2 X 6 Watt LED
Dimensions  250mm x 195mm x 100mm
Suitable Locations
Max Viewing Distance N/A
Spacing Data  N/A
Mounting Wall
Surface or Recessed Surface
Colour Options Grey
Diffuser N/A
Photocell Compatible No
Legend Panel N/A
Anti-Ligature Option No
Input 230V ± 10% 50/60Hz
Audible Warning Yes
Mode/Duration Non-Maintained, 3 hours.
Battery Recharge Periods Full Duration – 24 hours. Full Capacity – 48 hours.
Weight 2.2kg
Cut Out Size N/A
Cableset Compatible
Fitting Instructions 920-1022-iss1-led-twin-spot-fitting-instructions