Pi Range

Product Description

An exclusive range of oval section LED low energy wall or ceiling mounted edge lit sign luminaires designed to complement all interiors.
Features include a suspended 12mm opal legend panel with die-cut pictogram legend(s) edged with an extruded trim.

Signs Brochure

Product Details Value
FASTEL Stand Alone PI-20/SW/S/M3/WH – 200mm Wall mount
PI-30/SW/S/M3/WH – 300mm Wall mount
PI-20/RC/S/M3/WH – 200mm Ceiling mount
PI-30/RC/S/M3/WH – 300mm Ceiling mount
FASTELink M-web PI-20/SW/SRM/M3/WH – 200mm Wall mount
PI-30/SW/SRM/M3/WH – 300mm Wall mount
PI-20/RC/SRM/M3/WH – 200mm Ceiling mount
PI-30/RC/SRM/M3/WH – 300mm Ceiling mount
FASTEL SRM PI-20/SW/SRM/M3/WH – 200mm Wall mount
PI-30/SW/SRM/M3/WH – 300mm Wall mount
PI-20/RC/SRM/M3/WH – 200mm Ceiling mount
PI-30/RC/SRM/M3/WH – 300mm Ceiling mount
FASTEL Wireless PI-20/SW/FWS/M3/WH – 200mm Wall mount
PI-30/SW/FWS/M3/WH – 300mm Wall mount
PI-20/RC/FWS/M3/WH – 200mm Ceiling mount
PI-30/RC/FWS/M3/WH – 300mm Ceiling mount
Alternative Voltage Options PI-20/SW/230/M3/WH – 200mm Wall mount
PI-30/SW/230/M3/WH – 300mm Wall mount
PI-20/RC/230/M3/WH – 200mm Ceiling mount
PI-30/RC/230/M3/WH – 300mm Ceiling mount
Product Standard BSEN 60598-2.22
Compliance BSEN 1838:1999, BS5499 ISO7010 HTM Format
IP Rating IP20
Lamp Type/Light Source Multiple high intensity white LEDs
Dimensions View Dimensions
Suitable Locations Escape routes, open areas, contemporary interiors.
Max Viewing Distance 20m with 200mm legend or 30m with 300mm legend
Spacing Data  N/A
Mounting Wall or Ceiling
Surface or Recessed Surface
Colour Options White with Black end caps. Add the following suffixes for optional colours:
/BR: Brass, /CH: Chrome or /RAL: RAL colour.
Diffuser N/A
Photocell Compatible No
Legend Panel ISO 7010, BS5499,  HTM FORMAT, available. See Legend Panel Products
Anti-Ligature Option No
Input 230V ± 10% 50/60Hz
Audible Warning Yes
Mode/Duration Maintained, 3 hours. (Optional non maintained operation.)
Battery Recharge Periods Full Duration – 24 hours. Full Capacity – 48 hours.
Weight 1.6kg (200), 2.3kg (300)
Material Aluminium / Flame Retardant ABS / Acrylic / PVC
Cut Out Size N/A
Cableset Compatible Yes
Fitting Instructions 500-1022-iss-2-pi-ceiling-mounted-fitting-instructions


Oval extruded aluminium edge lit sign luminaire with flame retardant moulded end caps. Mounted by (single position central rear wall fixing*/dual rods to ceiling mounting with disc trims*/ dual rods to surface ceiling box*) and (white powder coating*/RAL (insert RAL number) powder coated*/chrome*/brass*) finish with black end caps. (Single*/double*) sided 12mm opalescent legend panels, incorporating suspended die-cut legends, are edged with extruded trim for (20 metre*/30 metre*) maximum viewing distance.
Emergency lighting versions include FASTEL fully automatic, self testing facilities, and are available with full addressability for FASTELink operation, monitoring and control. Multiple LED light source, sign illumination to comply fully with requirements of BS EN 1838:1999/BS 5266-7:1999. 230V±10% ac 50/60 Hz input. Emergency lighting versions to have rechargeable battery for three hours duration, with six year warranty and incorporate fully automatic self testing facility and status indication through single multi function, dual-colour LED indicator.
All emergency lighting versions to be (FASTEL stand alone/ FASTELink*).
As P4 Pi (insert code)
(* Delete as appropriate)