Self-Testing Non Maintained, 3 Hour, Twin Spot Fitting with two 6W LEDs.

Standard and high output options available with all the advantages of a P4 Fastel emergency unit.

Maintenance is minimised with fully automatic self-testing and batteries have a 6 year warranty. Available in addressable Fastel Link and Fastel Wireless versions for remote monitoring and control.


Twinspot wall mounted IP56 FR ABS luminaire for (emergency lighting* / mains lighting*). Incorporating high density white LEDs housed within cast aluminium body with purpose designed lenses for optimum light distribution mounted to a grey fire-retardant ABS housing. Input connections to be screw terminated inside the luminaire housing.

Emergency lighting versions shall be capable of non-maintained operation, shall incorporate rechargeable batteries for 3-hour emergency duration and Fastel fully automatic self-testing facilities complying with BS EN 62034, with status indication by a multi-function dual-colour LED Indicator.

All models shall be supplied from a 230v +/- 10% ac 50/60 Hz input and shall be provided with a six-year warranty, including rechargeable batteries in emergency lighting versions.

Emergency lighting versions shall comply with BS EN 60598-2-22 and shall be (Fastel Standalone*/ Fastel Link*/Fastel Wireless*)

As P4 Twinspot

*Delete as appropriate

Key features & benefits

  • Flame retardant ABS housing.
  • IP54 degree of protection for mounting in damp and dirty locations.
  • Projectors must be locked in position.


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