P4 Disc

Ideal for corridors and staircases, the P4 Disc Luminaire is an attractive, low profile circular IP65 LED luminaire that provides excellent mains lighting, coupled with an effective emergency lighting option.

High performance white LEDs arranged on a circular PCB ensures whole luminaire diameter is evenly illuminated. An opalescent lens effectively diffuses the light output preventing glare from individual LEDs.

Moulded in white FR ABS with a hinged opal polycarbonate lens, FR ABS surround that can be coated to provide alternative colour finishes, retained in position by clips with security screws, can be wall or ceiling mounted.

Addressable versions are available for remote monitoring and control. Fully automatic self-testing models are available in Fastel Standalone, Fastel Link and Fastel Wireless versions. Batteries in self-contained models have a six year life warranty. Mains lighting versions are also available.


IP65, surface mounted circular luminaire with opalescent lens incorporating hinged LED array PCB for (mains*/ emergency lighting*) operation with optional microwave sensor.

(350mm, 20Watt*[1072 lumens]/430mm, 30Watt*[2095 lumens]) diameter FR ABS housing for wall or ceiling mounting with hinged Polycarbonate lens and FR ABS surround.

Circular LED array PCB, with high intensity white LEDs is hinged within housing and LED driver and emergency lighting control
equipment is attached to the rear of the PCB or mounted within the luminaire housing.

Input connections terminated inside the luminaire housing. Emergency lighting versions shall be capable of non-maintained or maintained operation, shall incorporate rechargeable Nickel Cadmium batteries for three hours emergency duration and Fastel fully automatic, self-testing facilities complying with BS EN 62034, with status indication by a single multi-function dual-colour LED indicator.

All models shall be supplied from a 230V±10% ac 50/60Hz input and shall be provided with a six-year warranty, including rechargeable batteries in emergency lighting versions.

Emergency lighting versions shall comply with BS EN 60598-2-22 and shall be (Fastel Standalone*/ Fastel Link*/ Fastel Wireless*).

*Delete as appropriate

Key features & benefits

  • Aesthetically pleasing, low profile circular luminaire with opalescent
    polycarbonate lens.
  • Low energy, high light output with even light distribution and excellent
    colour rendering.
  • Available in 20 Watt or 30 Watt mains operation.
  • Available in 3 Watt, 6 Watt or 15 Watt emergency lighting operation.
  • Optional microwave sensor available.


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