The MonoLED is rapidly becoming the standard fitting to use where a particular location or hazard must be illuminated to carry out safety procedures, complete critical minor medical treatment or assist evacuation.

Where particular locations and hazards need emergency illumination, BS 5266 Part 10 and appendix D of BS 5266 Part 1 sets out levels of illuminance that must be achieved.

To meet these, P4’s high intensity single LED can provide the required illuminance. MonoLED can either be recessed or surface mounted, using a single 3W white LED enclosed behind a polycarbonate cover.

This is either white for general installation, red to highlight fire equipment or green for first aid/accessibility equipment. The alternative red or green colours bring attention to the fire or first aid equipment that is being illuminated.

In addition to Fastel Standalone emergency lighting versions, addressable versions are available for remote monitoring and control with Fastel Link or Fastel Wireless technology. 6 year battery warranty in self-contained models. Mains lighting versions are also available.


(Recessed*/Surface*/Conduit Surface*) mounted LED emergency lighting luminaire with high intensity white 3 Watt LED with IP54 polycarbonate cover, mounted in a RAL9016 white, low profile fascia plate with purpose designed lens, suitable for specific hazard illumination. Class II insulated, all plastic housing of flame retardant ABS and polycarbonate complying with 850° hot wire test.

Recessed mounted models to be retained into 104mm dia. mounting hole in ceilings of 6mm to 25mm thickness by spring clips. Surface mounted models to be fixed to ceiling by a zinc plated steel mounting plate with BESA box cable entries. Conduit surface mounted models to be fixed to BESA box by zinc plated steel mounting plate with skirt moulding trim to mounting surface.

Emergency lighting versions shall be capable of non-maintained or maintained operation, shall incorporate rechargeable Nickel Cadmium batteries for three hours emergency duration and Fastel fully automatic, self-testing facilities complying with BS EN62034, with status indication by a single multi-function dual-colour LED indicator.

All models shall be supplied from a 230V±10% ac 50/60Hz input and shall be provided with a six-year warranty, including rechargeable batteries in emergency lighting versions.

Emergency lighting versions shall comply with BS EN 60598-2-22 and shall be (Fastel Standalone*/ Fastel Link*/ Fastel Wireless*).

*Delete as appropriate

Key features & benefits

  • Flame retardant polycarbonate.
  • Supplied as standard in white, alternative colours available.
  • Increased visibility for fast equipment location.


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