LED Flat Panel

P4 LED panels provide a cost effective, energy efficient alternative to 595 x 595mm (nominal 600 x 600mm) fluorescent lay-in modular luminaires.

Housed in an aluminium frame with a polycarbonate PMMA TP(a) rated diffuser, P4 panels mount directly into T-bar ceiling grids or alternatively can be surface or suspension mounted through the use of optional mounting kits.

Using edge lighting of the panels, which are purpose designed to transmit light through them and emit it downward, there is little evidence of the position of the LEDs and excellent uniformity of illumination is achieved.

P4 panels are available as emergency lighting or mains lighting luminaires so that complete lighting schemes can be installed with identical energy saving panels throughout.

The light output achieved by P4 panels operating from high efficiency LED drivers make them a popular choice with energy managers who can readily demonstrate payback on their investment to replace fluorescent lighting within energy efficiency targets.

Addressable versions are available for remote monitoring and control. Fully automatic self-testing models are available in Fastel Standalone, Fastel Link and Fastel Wireless versions. Batteries in self-contained models have a six year life warranty. Mains lighting versions are also available.


LED edge illuminated panel Luminaires suitable for (installation into T-bar suspended ceilings*/surface mounting*/suspension*).
Correlated colour temperature (CCT) of 4000°K with a colour rendering index (CRI) of >80. In mains operation, panels shall provide a typical output of 3,400 lumens (32W).

Emergency lighting versions shall be capable of non-maintained or maintained operation, shall incorporate rechargeable Nickel
Cadmium batteries for three hours emergency duration and Fastel fully automatic, self-testing facilities complying with BS EN
62034, with status indication by a single multi-function dual-colour LED indicator.

All models shall be supplied from a 230V±10% ac 50/60Hz input and shall be provided with a six-year warranty, including
rechargeable batteries in emergency lighting versions.

Emergency lighting versions shall comply with BS EN 60598-2-22 and shall be (Fastel Standalone*/ Fastel Link*/ Fastel Wireless*).

*Delete as appropriate

Key features & benefits

  • Low energy, aesthetically pleasing LED panels that can be mounted into
    a suspended ceiling, surface mounted or wire suspended.
  • Available in 595 x 595mm size to replace most lay-in fluorescent
    luminaires and fits most T-bar systems.
  • Emergency and mains lighting versions available for complete schemes.
  • High efficiency white LEDs with an expected service life of at least
    50,000 hours.
  • Mains dimming drivers available for mains and emergency versions.


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