BiLED2 – Surface

The BiLED2 Surface Mounted emergency downlight is a discrete low-profile luminaire with integrated battery, status indicator LED and emergency lighting driver operating the twin high intensity white LEDs in maintained or non-maintained modes.

P4’s Fastel Fully automatic self-testing is incorporated in all emergency lighting models and conforms to the requirements of the appropriate harmonised European standards.

Fully automatic self-testing models are available in Fastel, Fastel Link and Fastel Wireless technologies for standalone or linked systems.

P4’s unique 6-year battery warranty is included.

BiLED2 Surface are compliant with BS EN 60598 and BS EN 60598-2-22 making them suitable for installation on escape routes and open areas.


BiLED2 Surface mounted IPTBA LED luminaire for emergency lighting operation with two high intensity white power LEDs with polycarbonate lenses. The BiLED2 Surface supplied with a (White* / RAL [Insert RAL number]*) finish. Suitable for (escape route */open area*) illumination.

Emergency lighting versions shall be available in 3 hour non-maintained or maintained mode of operation.

Emergency lighting versions shall incorporate Fastel fully automatic, self-testing facilities and shall be available with full addressability for Fastel Link or Fastel Wireless operation, monitoring and control.

230v +/- 10% ac 50/60 Hz input.

To incorporate rechargeable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery with 6 years warranty, for three hours emergency duration. To incorporate fully automatic self-testing facility and status indication by a single multi-function bi-colour LED indicator.

Emergency lighting versions shall comply with BS EN 60598-2-22.

Key features & benefits

• IP44 Rated

• Conduit entries and BESA mounting points

• LED lens with 90° horizontal output adjustment

• Class II insulated product

• High efficiency white LEDs

• 2.4GHz and 868MHz wireless versions available

• 6-year warranty of luminaire and battery

• Deep discharge protection


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