Product Description

Energy efficient LED bulkhead luminaire suitable for wet or dirty environments. Robust flame etardant injection moulded base and diffuser make this product suitable for demanding external environments whilst it retains its modern styling, suited also for interior use if required.
Suitable for either ceiling or wall mounting, hIgh intensity white LEDs with a design life of at least 50,000 hours, provide excellent wide light distribution in both the mains operation and in emergency operation.
Used with optional self adhesive legends hermetic range products can be used as sign Luminaires if required.

High temperature Nickel Cadmium batteries provide 3 hour emergency operation and are are covered by P4’s unique 6 year battery warranty.

Product Details Value
FASTEL Stand Alone N/A
FASTELink M-web N/A
Alternative Voltage Options N/A
Product Standard BSEN 60598-2.22
Compliance BSEN 60598-2.22
IP Rating IP20
Lamp Type/Light Source Multiple high intensity white LEDs
Dimensions View Dimensions
Suitable Locations Escape routes and open areas in external and dirty or wet internal locations. Perimeter lighting.
Max Viewing Distance N/A
Spacing Data  N/A
Mounting Wall or Ceiling
Surface or Recessed Surface
Colour Options White
Diffuser Clear
Photocell Compatible N/A
Legend Panel N/A
Anti-Ligature Option No
Input 230V ± 10% 50/60Hz
Audible Warning No
Mode/Duration Maintained, 3 hours. (Optional non maintained operation.)
Battery Recharge Periods Full Duration – 24 hours. Full Capacity – 48 hours.
Weight 900gm
Material Polycarbonate
Cut Out Size N/A
Cableset Compatible No
Fitting Instructions

IP65 surface mounted, general purpose bulkhead luminaire. White polycarbonate base with clear ribbed diffuser, capable of accepting sign pictogram kit. High intensity LED light source, suitable for through wiring. 230V+10% a.c 50/60 Hz input.
Rechargeable battery for three hours emergency duration, with six year warranty and incorporates fully automatic self testing facility and status indication through a single multi function bi-colour LED indicator.
All emergency lighting versions to be (FASTEL Wireless*)
As P4 Hermetic (insert code)
(*Delete as appropriate)