FW-web Gateway

Product Description

The FW-web Gateway is the central controller and interface required for all FASTEL wireless monitored automatic self-testing emergency
lighting systems.

Able to monitor up to 125 FASTEL wireless enabled self contained luminaires or signs, the FW-web Gateway unit incorporates a touch screen controller to enable access to set up individual test times and days as well as interrogation of the connected luminaires and signs.
Connection of more than 125 luminaires and signs requires additional FW-IR Routers to be connected into the FW-web Gateway unit. The FW-web Gateway has an in-built web server to enable control of the installation through an existing LAN structure and its own in-built power supply.

Any connected PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device with access to the LAN can log into the FW-web Gateway and using an applet which is supplied, either view up to date monitoring information or carry out administration on the system.

The operation of each connected emergency lighting luminaire or sign is totally independent of the supervision carried out by the FW-web Gateway unit.

Even in case of communication failure, emergency lighting operation is assured. Housed in a grey IP54 ABS enclosure, the FW-web Gateway is normally mounted in a service duct or riser in an accessible location so that the touch screen incorporated into its front face can be accessed. Connection is required to a local fused spur and also to a LAN.

Product Details Value
Product Code FW-web
Suitable Location In riser, cupboard or location protected from unauthorized access.
Mounting Wall Mounted
Degree of Protection IP54
Dimensions (mm) 200H x 254W x 165D
Weight 1798gms
Input Supply 230V ± 10% 50/60 Hz
Network BUS Refer to P4 FASTEL Wireless Brochure
Network Cable N/A
LAN Connection RJ45 8 pin connector (direct)
Outputs (Volt Free) N/A
Navigator Software Required N/A
Applet. (supplied) compatibility MS Windows XP/7.0/8.0 or IOS 5/6
Remote Monitoring connection N/A
System Schematic View System Schematic