FW-Amp Signal Booster

Product Description

These units are used to repeat or amplify the data signal. They are normally required in the luminaire data network for each 85 luminaires connected via wire connections or where communications wiring exceeds 1000m in length.
As with the FW-IR Router, this unit requires power from a FW-PS power supply unit.

Product Details Value
Product Code FW-AMP
Suitable Location In riser, cupboard or location protected from unauthorized access.
Mounting DIN rail mounted (usually inside FW-IR Router)
Degree of Protection IP20
Dimensions (mm) 91H x 36W x 58D
Weight 65gms
Input Supply Requires integral FW-PS power supply or power from FW-web
Network BUS Refer to P4 FASTEL Wireless Brochure
Network Cable N/A
LAN Connection N/A
Outputs (Volt Free) N/A
Navigator Software Required N/A
Applet. (supplied) compatibility N/A
Remote Monitoring connection N/A
System Schematic View System Schematic