An exclusive range of white* oval profile, LED low energy wall or ceiling mounted edge lit sign luminaires designed to complement all interiors.

Features include a suspended 12mm thick opal legend panel with die-cut pictogram legend(s) edged with an extruded trim. Sign illumination complies fully with BS EN 1838 requirements and the luminaires comply with BS EN 60598 and BS EN 60598-2-22.

Rod suspended, recessed, surface ceiling mounted or wall mounted, edge lit sign luminaires incorporating high efficiency LED illumination of legend panel from mains or emergency lighting.

Models available suitable for viewing distances up to 20 metres or 30 metres.

Emergency lighting versions may be of Fastel Standalone, Fastel Link or Fastel Wireless operation specified by system suffix. Alternative finishes specified by optional suffix.

(Fastel options apply only to/M3 versions.)


Oval extruded aluminium edge lit sign luminaire for emergency lighting, mains lighting or static inverter operation. Shall be
supplied in (white powder coated*/RAL [insert RAL number] powder coated* / chrome* / brass*) finish with black flame retardant moulded end caps and shall be mounted by (central rear wall fixing*/dual rods to ceiling mounting with disc trims*/ dual rods to surface ceiling box*).

Sign luminaire shall be supplied with a (single*/double*) sided 12mm opalescent legend panel, incorporating suspended die-cut pictogram legend(s), edged with extruded trim, for (20m*/30m*) maximum viewing distance, available in the following formats:

• BS 5499 format
• European Signs Directive format
• BS ISO 7010 format
• Hospital Technical Memorandum (HTM) format.

Legend panels shall be edge illuminated by a white multiple LED light source and illumination shall comply with the requirements of BS EN 1838: 2013.

Emergency lighting versions shall be capable of non-maintained or maintained operation, shall incorporate rechargeable batteries for 3 hours emergency duration and Fastel fully automatic, self-testing facilities complying with BS EN 62034, with status indication by a multi-function dual-colour LED indicator.

All models shall be supplied from a 230V±10% ac 50/60Hz input and shall be provided with a six-year warranty, including
rechargeable batteries in emergency lighting versions.
Emergency lighting versions shall comply with BS EN 60598-2-22 and shall be (Fastel Standalone* / Fastel Link* / Fastel Wireless*) operation.

* Delete as appropriate

Key features & benefits

  • Fully automatic, self-testing LED self contained models
  • Ceiling mounted suspension length adjustable to suit installation
  • Ceiling mounted models can be surface mounted using optional surface
    mounting box cover 
  • Emergency lighting, mains lighting or static inverter operation
  • Emergency lighting versions may be Fastel Standalone, Fastel Link or Fastel Wireless operation.


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