EAS Unit

Product Description

The EAS module allows alarms from static inverters and central battery systems to be monitored within a FASTELink computer addressable emergency lighting system.

In addition the EAS unit is provided with 4 remotely controllable output channels to enable the switching of equipment. In this way a static inverter or central battery system can be remotely put into test.
The EAS module automatically records changes to inputs and outputs onto the connectedFASTELink M-web system.

The EAS unit is normally mounted adjacent to the static inverter or central battery system to be monitored and if required can be DIN rail mounted inside the equipment.

Product Details Value
Product Code EAS
Suitable Location Inside Static Inverter or CBS or in suitable wall mounted box adjacent to Static Inverter or CBS.
Mounting DIN rail mounted (usually inside Static Inverter or CBS)
Degree of Protection IP54
Dimensions (mm) 254H x 200W x 96D
Weight 245gms
Input Supply 230V ± 10% 50/60 Hz
Network BUS Nominal 28Vdc
Network Cable Min. 2 x 1.5mm² conductors mains rated cable.
Max. 2000m to M-web
LAN Connection N/A
Outputs (Volt Free) Fault indication relay link to BMS (4No.). Max. switching 125VA/60W at 240Vac/120Vdc
Navigator Software Required N/A
Applet. (supplied) compatibility N/A
Remote Monitoring connection N/A
System Schematic View System Schematic