P4 M-web FWSD unit with bullet points


P4 Limited, emergency lighting specialists, has announced the introduction of its new M-web FWSD Central Supervision Unit. Long recognised as the most reliable and effective system in the UK, P4’s industry leading Fully-Automatic, Self-Testing Emergency Lighting (FASTEL) monitoring and control system includes exciting new features for 2017.

In addition to web-based monitoring via LAN access, the new M-web FWSD now includes a touch screen display, with password controlled access, for local indication and management of the emergency lighting system to carry out the following functions:

•Testing of individual or groups of emergency lighting luminaires
•Fault identification of individual emergency lighting luminaires
•Evacuation On override

Combining both wired and wireless communication, when used with a network of Collector Boxes, the new M-web FWSD can now monitor and control up to 15,750 emergency lighting luminaires, significantly reducing infrastructure and installation costs for the end user.

The FASTEL technology is configured to carry out a weekly functional test and a quarterly full duration test, far exceeding the requirements of BS5266:2016. The M-web FWSD will store test results for up to four years, allowing the end user immediate access to test reports to ensure and prove emergency lighting compliance. In addition, the web-based software now offers a further layer of security to prevent unauthorised access and the ability to use a dynamic IP address rather than a static IP address.

P4 self-testing emergency lighting systems are recognised as the market leading solution by many UK hospitals, universities, local authorities, airports, commercial and industrial premises who understand the need to produce compliant documentation and reduce maintenance costs.