M-WEB Integration Module (MIM)

The new M-WEB Integration Module (MIM) Central Supervision Unit, complete with OLED screen display.

The MIM is part of a primary and secondary system, acting as a secondary device to the M-Web FWSD. This system will be combined using TCPIP with the M-Web FWSD showcasing all luminaires from the secondary device.


For wired and wireless communication, expandable with a network of up to 125 Collector Boxes per system, the MIM can monitor and control up to 7,875 wired, and/or 3,585 wireless emergency lighting luminaires and signs, significantly reducing infrastructure and installation costs for the end user.

The MIM Fastel Wireless and Link technology is configured to carry out a weekly functional test and a quarterly full duration test, far exceeding the requirements of EN50172:2004. It stores test results for up to four years, allowing the end user immediate access to test reports to ensure and prove emergency lighting compliance.

In addition, the web server software now offers a further layer of security to prevent unauthorised access and the ability to use a dynamic IP address as well as a static IP address.

Key features & benefits

  • OLED display
  • Wired and wireless communication
  • Monitor and control up to 7875 wired (and/or 3585 wireless) emergency lighting luminaires when expanded with up to 125 CB/FWS DUO collector boxes per system
  • Testing of individual or groups of emergency lighting luminaires
  • Fault identification and location of individual emergency lighting luminaires
  • ‘Evacuation On’ override


Data Sheet