Wireless and Wired Addressable Systems

Fastel technology ensures that once installed, P4 emergency lighting luminaires, fire safety signs and conversions of mains luminaires will automatically self-test on a regular basis in compliance with BS EN 50172 / BS 5266 Pt.8 requirements. In the unlikely event that system communications are interrupted, fittings revert to Fastel Standalone operation, which ensures continuing compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.Removing the need for manual testing provides significant cost savings and enables facilities management resources to be more effectively utilised elsewhere. Payback of the investment is typically achieved within 2-3 years and through life cost is considerably reduced.For medium or larger premises Fastel Link or Fastel Wireless addressable technologies can provide remote monitoring and control. With Internet access, the emergency lighting system can be monitored and administered from anywhere in the world using a laptop, tablet or smart phone.All of our LED products are provided with P4’s unique 6 year product and 6 year battery warranty.

P4’s Fastel Link is a robust, fully addressable self testing emergency lighting system. The modular system allows for simple expansion or upgrading of the existing lighting network into new areas. New versions of equipment are backward compatible, so there will be no need to replace the existing system when carrying out future works.
Fastel Link enabled fittings are all connected by a simple wired bus communications network to the M-Web FWSD Central Supervision Unit.
Up to 63 CB/FWS DUO Collector Boxes can be connected back to the M-Web FWSD by a 2 core Master bus with a nominal 28v d.c.
Fastel Link compatible fittings are connected to the M-Web FWSD or a CB/FWS DUO using a 2 core Luminaire Bus with a nominal 28v d.c.
The Master bus and Luminaire bus wiring is not polarity specific and if wired in the recommended cable type, can be run in the general electrical containment systems with a maximum cable run of 2,000 metres.

P4’s Fastel Wireless enables fully addressable self testing emergency lighting to be installed in all types of premises without the need for bus wiring between luminaires. Fastel Wireless systems can connect the full range of interior and exterior self testing luminaires and signs, using a mesh wireless communication network to ensure secure communications.

Fastel Wireless is an ideal solution for premises and areas in which it is difficult to install additional wiring such as heritage buildings, buildings that are continuously occupied or in which access to install bus wiring is difficult.Also, in buildings or areas with solid ceilings and in buildings or areas that are remote from one another.

It may be more cost effective to install a Fastel Wireless solution rather than adding communications wiring to existing installations.
Fastel Wireless supports full integration of wired and wireless communications.

Our Automatic Monitoring Systems are now Kitemarked

The BSI Kitemark is recognised the world over as a mark of quality, safety and trust. By becoming Kitemark certified, we are demonstrating our commitment to being the very best in the industry now, and in the future.

Our Fastel Automatic Testing and Monitoring Systems have been independently verified by impartial third-party testing, in the interests of safety of all users.

What is our commitment?

  • Our products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure full compliance.
  • Our manufacturing sites and quality plans have undergone comprehensive assessment.
  • We will undergo bi-annual manufacturing assessments to ensure continued certification.
  • During manufacturing assessments, product samples will be taken for ongoing testing and reviews to confirm continuing compliance with current standards.

What it means for you

  • A simple way to choose the right system for your project.
  • Absolute confidence that your system will work when you need it.
  • Reduced risk to occupants of premises in which Fastel Automatic Testing and Monitoring Systems are installed.

Whilst we are proud to have attracted a reputation for quality over the past 30 years, the BSI Kitemark gives our customers the reassurance that the system has been tested by an independent body to check it against the requirements of the relevant standards.

When you choose emergency lighting products that bear the Kitemark, you have the assurance needed that your critical life safety systems will work when you need them and continue to work throughout their long operational life. Looking for the Kitemark helps you reduce your operational risks and takes the guesswork out of selecting the right solution.

You can trust that our system does exactly what it should…and you don’t just have to take our word for it!

Kitemarking of our Fastel Automatic Testing and Monitoring Systems is just the first step. We are actively working to extend our certification across the ranges of products that P4 offers.


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