FASTEL Luminaires

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At P4 when it comes to developing new products for our Fastel Luminaires range our watchwords are innovation and effectiveness.

Design-led in our approach, we make it our business to create and deliver what our customers need; the most cost and energy effective self-testing luminaires which exceed existing standards requirements, ensuring compliance with safe evacuations in the event of an emergency, or failure of mains lighting.

Fastel Luminaires are suitable for all types of installation and every environment; education, general healthcare, mental healthcare, transportation, sports, leisure, retail and commercial offices. We cater for every demand, no matter the size.



P4 Bulk LED Emergency Exit Light


P4 Gamma Emergency Exit Light

Klippa Bulkhead

KLIPPA Emergency exit light

LED Flat Panel

Single LED Emergency Lighting Flat Panel Detail

Linear LED IP65

P4 Linear LED IP65 Emergency light


P4 Mono LED Emergency Exit Light


P4 QuadLED Emergency Exit Light

P4 Disc

P4 Disc Emergency exit light


P45 TriLED Emergency Exit Light


Emeregency Exit Twin spot Lighting

Our full range of emergency luminaires can be found in our Fastel Luminaires brochure.