FASTEL Products

Ground breaking technology

FASTEL (Fully Automatic Self-Testing Emergency Lighting) pioneered by us here at P4 over 30 years ago, is recognised by the industry as the most robust, reliable and cost-effective system in emergency lighting.

This is cutting-edge technology which drives behavioural change. It is flexible, easy to install and even easier to operate. We also ensure you are compliant with all the latest industry standards.

Be assured, when you choose P4’s FASTEL technology you are making the right choice. And, we’ll be with you every step of the way as our customer service is second to none.

FASTEL technology – consisting of communications and monitoring systems FASTEL Link,FASTEL Wireless, and FASTEL SRM and conversion technology FASTEL Within- ensures that once installed, P4 emergency lighting luminaires, conversions of mains luminaires and fire safety signs will automatically self-test on a regular basis.

We will work seamlessly with you to make sure you select the right FASTEL technology or communications systems for your project.


Our FASTEL technology carries out self-testing to a regime that exceeds the requirements of national and international standards. By not having to manually test systems it saves our customers valuable manpower – freeing up time which can be put to effective use elsewhere.

This benefit is of utmost importance in today’s busy marketplaces. All businesses want to automate as many routine tasks as possible and FASTEL technology does this in a heartbeat, whilst enabling demonstrable compliance with regulatory requirements.

This helps to ensure the occupier of the premises complies with their legal obligations under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Furthermore, FASTEL technology offers remote monitoring and control of even the largest emergency lighting installation through a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It couldn’t be easier.

And, with one eye on the benefits to our customers, the operational cost savings rapidly repay the total capital cost of the installation and produce significant annual savings in maintenance costs.