Technical Support

At P4 we care passionately about safety compliance, ease of use, simplicity and crucially, the safety of everyone involved. We guarantee our team of expert staff will continue to support our customers in the operation of all their Fastel installations many years after supply; providing unbiased, informed advice on layout alterations or upgrades.

Compliance and total peace of mind for our customers is at the heart of what we do at P4.

Emergency lighting protects life, so we know selecting the right products and supplier is of paramount importance. When it has to be unreservedly the best, the most efficient and absolutely reliable we are on hand to help and guide you through all the stages and requirements.

Because we have been doing this, and only this, for so long, we have unparalleled experience. We offer specialist knowledge, skill and experience to customers enabling them to select and maintain emergency lighting systems that deliver continuing compliance with mandatory regulations and legal obligations.

A big part of what we do is working with our customers, building lasting partnerships which span years. We acknowledge customer loyalty by offering not only first rate maintenance and service, but also storing and
supplying spare parts for all our products dating back to our inception. It’s rare, but if you come up against a problem, don’t worry, we’ll have it in hand.

We work with customers in education, general healthcare, mental healthcare, transportation, sports, leisure and retail, delivering and supporting world class emergency lighting systems; excelling in building long term partnerships with facilities and estates management teams.

Sensitive to different sectors’ requirements, we are proud to be working with some of the UK’s leading mental health establishments. Healing requires a safe and stress free environment; free from unnecessary disruption or intervention from strangers, working around patients
to manage their environments. Our innovative Fastel technology allows you to set a time when it’s convenient to automatically and individually test the emergency lights connected to an addressable system. Coupled with remote monitoring, either directly via a computer or via a LAN to any desktop, laptop or mobile device, automatic testing facilities can be set to test during times when patients are not sleeping or receiving treatment,
minimising disturbance.

In the education sector, in student accommodation blocks where, similarly, minimal disruption is the order of the day, our Fastel products allow for remote access and testing to show that all elements are working as they should be, allowing the establishment and its students to continue uninterrupted with their work and studies.