P4 Plots

Using P4 Plots© is a fast, new method of deciding where emergency lighting luminaires must be installed on escape routes and in open areas to achieve the minimum level of illuminance required by BS5266 and the average level of illuminance required by the Hospital Technical Memorandum 06-01 Part A: 2007, clauses 7.46 and 7.67.

Available for commonly used building plan scales and a full range of mounting heights, P4 Plots© will typically be at least three times faster to use than using conventional emergency lighting spacing tables and much more accurate. Based on authenticated photometric data, P4 Plots© define the true profile of illuminance contours enabling correct application to all areas; reaching accurately into recesses and corners overcoming the approximation of conventional spacing tables.

Derived from standard Relux1 data calculations, P4 Plots© can be quickly and easily used to overlay the illuminance contour footprints of P4 emergency lighting luminaires onto any building plan. From these plots optimum luminaire positioning is determined, ensuring compliance at all points of emphasis as well as achievement of minimum illuminance requirements.

A memory stick, which contains P4 Plots for a selection of P4 emergency lighting luminaires installed at a mounting height of 2.5m, is available by contacting your local area sales manager. Updates² and the full range of P4 emergency lighting luminaires, including alternative mounting heights, are available free of charge to users by completing the download form.

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² P4 Plots download last updated February 2016 (Please delete previous version when update is downloaded.)

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