At P4 we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and
offering the lowest through-life maintenance costs.

By employing an in house team of fully qualified service engineers, we offer
specialist knowledge, skill and experience for customers to maintain emergency lighting systems comprising of P4 emergency lighting equipment, ensuring continuing compliance with mandatory regulations and legal obligations.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we have invested
heavily to offer optional bespoke maintenance programmes, tailored and
scheduled to meet individual customer requirements based on the specific
Fastel technology or installation purchased.

Our ‘fit and forget’ maintenance service ensures customers have the most
robust, reliable emergency lighting system – not only installed in accordance with BS 5266 but also maintained to that standard. There is no hassle involved.

Maintenance contracts can be arranged on a monthly, quarterly or annual
visit basis depending upon your requirements. These contracts are normally renewable annually but can be set up for longer periods if required.

We guarantee our team of expert staff will continue to support our customers in the operation of all of their Fastel installations many years after supply; providing unbiased, informed advice on layout alterations or upgrades.

P4 – giving ultimate peace of mind to our customers.

We Work Around You

One of the key benefits of planned maintenance is the ability to schedule works out of hours and minimise disruption to your business.

Our fully automatic self-testing emergency lighting systems, such as M-web+, provide the flexibility to configure testing and monitoring to be as unobtrusive as possible, whilst continuously ensuring compliance with all appropriate standards and legislation.

We know this is important in many areas of work, but particularly in education, healthcare and tight security environments.

In mental healthcare healing, for example, a safe and stress free environment is of paramount importance; free from unnecessary disruption or intervention from strangers.

Patients often do not want facilities maintenance staff carrying out routine tasks such as manually testing emergency lighting. It may cause disruption to the normal pattern of life they have become used to and it may take hours, if not days, to overcome the disruption. Our technology allows for disruption to be kept to an absolute minimum.

This benefit applies to many different sectors.

Wayne Rodemann, Contract Manager at Platinum Facilities Services, which looks after the 370,000 square ft, 17 floor building at 200 Aldersgate Street, London said:

“There are many benefits to working with P4, not least its commitment to customer service, but for us the greatest gain is in maintenance. We need to ensure that any system requirements are addressed quickly with the minimal impact on building users and their clients. P4 enables us to do just that.”

That is because at P4, we care passionately about safety compliance, ease of use, simplicity, and crucially, the safety of everyone involved.

We are now proud suppliers of our market leading systems to some of Britain’s leading mental health and healthcare establishments. We support them every step of the way with design and engineering to meet their challenging daily needs. We can also supply them with updated equipment (backward compatible with their existing equipment).

P4 Emergency Lighting Vans