Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continual Professional Development Seminars Hosted by P4

As a Certified provider of CPD seminars, P4 offer 1 hour tutorials on the latest Emergency Lighting legislation.

Emergency lighting has become a growing and increasingly important consideration for fire officers and anyone else involved in fire safety and risk assessment, an understanding of current regulations and standards is therefore essential. The pivotal reference code of practice in the UK, BS5266 Part 1 was updated in 2016. Details of the changes made and their importance is still often not known and understood.

These CPD presentations, which are designed and delivered by Alan Daniels, Technical Director of independent emergency lighting specialists P4 Limited (FASTEL), will address the changes made to this important code of practice in a clear, concise and comprehensive way.

Designed for delegates who influence or specify emergency lighting requirements, it explains the changes, outlines the background behind the changes and provides clear guidance on the way in which the latest version of this code of practice should be interpreted and adopted.

These are interesting and educational CPD’s for everybody involved with emergency lighting and will provide significant value to attendees for the time afforded to it.

Current emergency lighting presentation available;

“Summary of changes to BS5266 Part 1, in January 2012” A CPD presentation, now including BS5266 Part 1 2016 Update

“Cost Effective Compliance”. This will cover all aspects of what is required to comply with the Emergency Lighting code of practice BS 5266-1 2012 and the May 2016 update.

There is no charge for providing these seminars and a contribution can be made towards buffet arrangements if appropriate.

For further information or to book a seminar please email or call 01328 850555 to discuss your requirements

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Emergency Lighting CPD’s can be provided for Trade Organisations, Affiliate groups, companies such as Fire Risk Assessors, Consultant Specifiers, lighting designers and facilities managers.

To be viable for P4 to provide this service we would expect a minimum of 10 attendees to whom this topic would be relavent.