Environmental Policy

P4 Limited recognises the impact their day-to-day activities has on the environment. P4 strives to minimise these impacts and its employees fully acknowledge a duty of care for the environment and for the prevention of any environmental pollution from their activities.

Current Specific Objectives agreed are:

  • To engage the whole of the organisation in minimising their environmental impact through training and communication of targets achievement.
  • To continuously target reductions in the weight of waste disposed of per £ value of sales achieved.
  • To continuously target reductions in the consumption of electricity and water used per £ value of sales achieved.

P4 Limited will set objectives to continually reduce its environmental footprint and will review and monitor the achievement of its objectives at its board meetings. This policy and its obligations will be communicated to all employees and specific responsibilities to achieve compliance assigned appropriately.

P4 Limited is committed to fully support environmental legislation through enacting its environmental policy in all of the company’s activities. Lighting and emergency lighting products manufactured by P4 Limited fall into the WEEE directive category 5 Lighting Equipment. Non-household lighting and emergency lighting products fall within this category of equipment.

Under the requirements of current regulations P4 Limited are committed to collect, treat, recover, and dispose of electrical and electronic equipment in an environmentally sound manner. P4 Limited has agreement with their supplier of electronic control modules and batteries to return any collected equipment of their manufacture for correct disposal.

P4 Limited is a register member of Lumicom Limited, a non-profit making company, through which P4 Limited will recycle collected electrical and electronic equipment, including gas discharge lamps in association with Recolight Limited, from lighting products of its supply free of charge.