Alan Daniels Celebrates 40 years in the Emergency Lighting Industry

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Alan Daniels Celebrates 40 years in the Emergency Lighting Industry

Congratulations to Alan Daniels, P4’s Technical Director, who over the last 40 years has seen and helped to shape many changes in the lighting industry.

Having qualified in both electrical/electronic and mechanical engineering, Alan has worked in product development and general management, as well as design and technical roles in a variety of positions and companies.

A well known figure in the industry, Alan first became involved in the emergency lighting industry in May 1976 when central battery and key switch single point systems were the norm.

His wealth of experience comes from his involvement in design, technical development and involvement in drafting the legislation of emergency lighting, to ensure the safety of people using premises for work, recreation or day to day living.

With the emergence of fully automatic self testing emergency lighting, Alan joined his current company, P4, in 2006, but continued to serve as a Council Member for the Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting (ICEL), as he has since the 1980’s. Over many years Alan has been involved in the development of standards for emergency lighting in the UK and in Europe and for training many recruits to the industry.

Alan has technical responsibility for all aspects of P4’s business and also for the company’s quality management and accreditation with external bodies, as well as providing extensive technical support to the sales team. On behalf of P4, he regularly delivers CPD presentations and speaks at industry events as well as writing articles about emergency lighting issues.