M-WEB FWSD Central Supervision Unit

The new M-WEB FWSD Central Supervision Unit, complete with touch screen display and password-controlled access, for local indication and management of the emergency lighting systems.

For wired and wireless communication, expandable with a network of up to 63 Collector Boxes, the M-WEB FWSD can monitor and control up to 7,875 Wired, and/or 3585 wireless emergency lighting luminaires and signs, significantly reducing infrastructure and installation costs for the end user.

The M-WEB FWSD Fastel Link and Fastel Wireless technology is configured to carry out a weekly functional test and a quarterly full duration test, far exceeding the requirements of EN50172. It stores test results for up to four years, allowing the end user immediate access to test reports to ensure and provide emergency lighting compliance. In addition, the web server software now offers a further layer of security to prevent unauthorised access and the ability to use a dynamic IP address as well as static IP address.


The Central Supervision Unit (CSU), shall comprise an Ethernet interface with integrated web server for monitoring and control of emergency lighting luminaires connected to a bus wire connected system or wireless mesh network.

Connection shall be to a LAN network using TCP-IP communication protocol or to BMS system or similar using RS232 or RS485 ports. GSM and remote server access shall also be available.

The CSU shall be capable of either direct connection of up to 3,585 wireless emergency lighting luminaires and/or up to 7875 wired emergency luminaires with a maximum 11,460 luminaires per CSU. The CSU will display live information about the status of all connected luminaires as HTML pages available via web browser software.

The CSU shall incorporate the following:

  • Local indication status of “communicating”, “everything OK” or “faulty emergency luminaire”
  • Adjustment of the testing day and time for all individual emergency luminaire to suit local requirements
  • All fault records
  • Storage of all information concerning each emergency lighting unit
  • Automatic configuration of the system
  • Data protection through password control
  • Four years of test results
  • Automatic testing carried out on a nominal seven-day cycle in full compliance with EN 1838 and EN 50172 requirements
  • Two sets of volt free relay contacts to be available for output of fault alarm if required
  • Email facility available to communicate fault information to two designated recipients as required
  • ModBus data output to be available for connection to BMS or graphical display software
  • 85-264VAC, 47/63Hz


Key features & benefits

  • Touch-screen display
  • Wired and wireless communication
  • Monitor and control up to 7875 wired (and/or 3585 wireless) emergency lighting luminaires when expanded with up to 63 CB/FWS DUO collector boxes
  • Test of individual or groups of emergency lighting luminaires
  • Fault Identification and location of individual emergency lighting luminaires
  • ‘Evacuation On’ override


Data Sheet

M-WEB System Schematic