EAS Alarm Monitoring and Switching Unit

The EAS module allows alarms from static inverters and central battery systems to be monitored within a Fastel Link computer addressable emergency lighting system.

In addition the EAS unit is provided with a remotely controllable output channel to enable the switching of equipment. In this way a static inverter or central battery system can be remotely put into test.

The EAS module automatically records changes to inputs and outputs onto the connected Fastel Link M-web system.


Alarm monitoring and switching unit to interface alarms from static inverters and central battery systems to a Fastel Link system.

Volt free inputs from static inverters and central battery systems are connected to a multi-way terminal strip interfaced to the EAS module which monitors the inputs and sends user defined messages onto the 28v d.c. communications bus to a connected Fastel Link M-web unit upon detection of a change of state.
A volt free changeover output connection is provided to permit operation of remote switches controlled from a connected M-web.

Enclosed in a flame retardant, injection moulded enclosure, the EAS unit is connected to a Fastel Link system at Master bus level, directly to M-web.

230v + 10% 50/60Hz input.
As P4 EAS Alarm and switching unit.


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