CB/FWS DUO is an intermediate data relay and collection unit. It exchanges data with a M-WEB FWSD central supervision unit
which continuously scans the whole installation, gathering information about the operation of all the connected emergency luminaires.
The CB/FWS Duo collector box can relay control commands and monitor;

  • Up to a max. 125 wired equipped emergency luminaires
  • Up to a max. 3,585 wireless equipped luminaires linked through a max. 239 RPT/FWS Repeaters
  • A combination of a max 125 wired equipped emergency luminaires linked through a max. 239 RPT/FWS Repeaters.

Please Note: Max. 3,585 FWS luminaires per M-WEB FWSD


The collector box shall gather and marshal data from up to 125 wired and/or 3,585 wireless enabled luminaires and re-transmit data onto a communications bus to a Central Supervision Unit.

The Collector Box shall be housed within a powder coated mild steel enclosure with a LED function indicator visible.

LED function indicator shall display ‘communicating’, everything OK’ or ‘faulty emergency luminaire’

Input and output communication bus terminal shall be fused protected and operate at nominal 28Vdc, connected into a multi-way terminal strip.

The Collector Box shall be connectable to an unswitched 85-364VAC 47/63Hz fused supply outlet. Two sets of volt free relay contacts shall be available for fault monitoring as required.

As P4 CB/FWS DUO Collector Box

Key features & benefits

  • Gathers and marshals data from connected luminaires and signs and relays data to M-WEB FWSD unit
  • Allows expansion of the M-WEB FWSD with a max. 63 CB/FWS DUO units
  • Wired and wireless communication to emergency luminaires and signs


Data Sheet

M-WEB System Schematic